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Pap Souleye Fall

In 2121, the LEUP plague – a tumor-like infection that starts on your skin and soon consumes the host – has taken control of the Quafurian continent. A war has broken out between the rebel army of Galoum, the Hells, and the people of Liam who are infected. A military organization that calls itself the Hakkinen appears. Their plans are to end the war and to find a cure to the LEUP. They build an underground refugee fortress called the Warpland. The Warpland hosts many ethnicities of the Quafurien continent who seek protection.

OBLIVION ROUGE follows Oumi and Äissa, two young women who grew up as orphans in the military. The two friends are the top combat medics called Runners. Z, a young outlaw escaping the war, tries to start a new life in the Warpland with his two younger brothers and senile father. Lastly Haaz: an unsure and depressed young individual who has no goal and no purpose. He comes to the Warpland looking for work.

How will they make it in a collapsing world?

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