01: The Dynamic Duo

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  1. This is really good, everything is really great and the ending of chapter 1 makes me want to see chapter 2. Great Job!

  2. Really liking this, the art looks great and I love the protagonist! I saw it advertised on Twitter and checked it out of curiosity. I wish it wasn’t advertised almost purely by how much of an achievement it is that the lead is black and female, nothing in this manga really focusing much on the former and the latter doesn’t feel like pandering, so I feel like the advertisement is borderline misleading- from at least this one chapter, it’s just a nice interesting story that lets it’s characters shine without beating you over the head with unnecessarily added political baggage. Positively surprised and excited to read the rest!

  3. Really liking this so far, between enjoyable characters and interesting setting, I’m excited to see more from this!

  4. Loved this first chapter. It does a great job at introducing the characters and the action was cool. Also, the character design is dope

  5. I really really like this. I’ve not been interested in picking up manga in years. (I think the last one was Claymore?) this is def on my buy list! Seems really cool and right up my alley for a lot of personal interests, especially for the genre and setting. Makes me wanna fire up Dark Cloud 2 again on the ps2 with the art style and technology aspect. I love that kinda stuff.
    The story already seems really interesting and I LOVE how mysterious Ms Clock is! What a badass.

  6. It’s really good, the Art is amazing!! And the chemistry between Cast and Philomena is great, they’re both really badass. The story is quick paced and engaging!!🔥

  7. This manga is so cool!! It reminds me somewhat of One piece lol amazing amazing! I love the representation as well!! 🤎🤎

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