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  1. I have been a huge fan of Whyt’s artwork for several years and it has been a partial inspiration for my own (at 58). The storyline is solid and fun escapism. I like the fact that the diversity in the art and storyline just sort of “is” and doesn’t come at the reader with any particular angle -as it should be -normal and lived in.

    Fun story. Stellar art

  2. I fully enjoyed this first issue of Apple Black. The story was interesting and the art was pleasing to view. I’m new to this manga diversity and am looking forward to exploring new episodes of this book and many others from the Saturday line. You have a new fan.

  3. AMAZING!!!! Apple Black is my all-time go-to manga to read and I’m looking forward to reading the next issue soon…!!! If I can…

  4. The art is gorgeous and flows like any shonen straight from Japan! I loved the visual flow of the pages, and Whyt’s character design (especially for Lady Naomi and Mikael) is so solid. Fans of Naruto are going to enjoy the lived-in feeling of the world and design of the environments, and anyone who enjoys “magical school” genre is going to find many familiar and beloved elements as well. My only concern is, as a western reader and knowing that the author is westerner as well, I am not sure how to feel about overt christian themes/references. I live in U.S.’s “deep south,” and one thing that’s difficult for me is how religiosity finds its way into everything. Seeing it appear in manga as well takes me out of the story/worldbuilding. I’m curious about Whyt’s use of these biblical references. Is it simply an aesthetic choice (juxtaposing a clearly Japanese-influenced world against Western/christian motifs) or perhaps to aid in reader recognizability (westerners are more likely to know what the holy trinity is, and are more likely to know the Christ-like comparisons between Sano and his saviorism-through-forgiveness). Perhaps it’s a different motivation altogether? I’ll definitely be reading more to get a better feel for the series. Overall, I enjoyed it and appreciated the nostalgic look/feel of this manga!

  5. Chapter 1 got me drawn in quickly, I just didn’t like all the information they gave us, my favorite part was madam Naomi 😍😏

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